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Item # 024816
Gas Lamp Tester, Maximum Rating: 300Kohm & 500V AC/DC, Features: Tests Lamps (Fluorescent, Low Pressure Sodium, High Pressure Sodium, Neon, Mercury Vapor & Metal Halide), Test Cont...
Item # 443254
Lamp Tester, Features: Tests HID and Fluorescent Lamps, Live Conductor Testing & Continuity Test, Includes: 9V Battery & Carrying Case
Ballast Checker: Magnetic or Electronic and Non-Contact, Range: 15 ft
Item # 895409
Fluorescent Light Tester, Antenna Length: 2-1/2 ft, Features: LED Flashlight, Dual Pins Tester, Visual and Audible Feedback & Auto Off, Compatible Lamps: T5, T8 & T12, Compatible B...
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