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Ratchet Tie Down Kit. Load Capacity: 1000 lbs, Break Strength: 3000 lbs, Length: 15 ft, Width: 1 in, Color: Yellow. Set Includes: (4) Ratchet Tie Downs.
Item # 085100
Mfg: 3M
Folding Earmuff, 27 dB, Color: Black, Green
Cambuckle Tie Down Kit. Load Capacity: 300 lbs, Break Strength: 900 lbs, Length: 12 ft, Width: 1 in, Color: Yellow. Set Includes: (4) Cambuckle Tie Downs.
Item # 086011
LED Bump Hat, LEDs: (2) in Brim, (2) Under Brim, Light Color: White, Hat Color: Black.
Item # 085101
Mfg: 3M
Protective Eyewear, Sunwear, Moon Dawg, Frame: White, Lens: Gray Anti-Fog. Removable soft gasket.
Item # 068627
Mfg: Dottie
25-Person First Aid Kit, Includes: Cold Pack, Adhesive Tape, Gauze, Eye Wash, Burn Gel, Scissors, Tweezers, Gloves, Booklet, Assorted Bandage.
Item # 085099
Mfg: 3M
Full Brim Hard Hat, Uvicator, 4-Point Ratchet Suspension, Color: White.
Item # 086027
5 Gallon Cooler, Color: Orange with White Lid.
Item # 070811
Mfg: 3M
Caution-Buried Fiber Optic Line Below Detectable Tape, Dimensions: 3" x 1000', Color: Orange.
Item # 933897
Mfg: 3M
Protective Eyewear, Half Frame, Frame: Black, Lense: Clear Anti-Fog.
Item # 086021
Retractable Loop Tool Lanyard, Swivel head, length: 48".
Item # 070810
Mfg: 3M
Caution-Buried High Voltage Cable Buried Below Underground Underground Tape, Dimensions: 3" x 1000', Color: Red.
Item # 019493
Arc Flash Hood, PRO-HOOD, Arc Rating: 40 cal/cm², Material: Indura Ultra Soft, Color: Gray.
$638.85 EA
Item # 718043
Mfg: Brady
Lockout Tag, Message: "DO NOT OPERATE", Includes: (5).
Item # 103584
Mfg: Abus
Weatherproof Combination Lock, Shackle: 1", Clearance: 2", Color: Brass, 10,000 combination possibilities
Item # 103585
Mfg: Abus
Laminated Steel Padlock, Shackle: 23/64", Clearance: 63/64", Color: Red, Includes: 2 keys per lock, 2 hardened steel rivets, Hardend steel bottom plate, shackle Spring an...
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