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Item # 695509
Mfr: Metalux
Power Cord, Length: 6', Includes Plug Set w/ NEMA Plugs L515 or L715, Color: White.
Jumper Cable, Length: 18", Compatible With: EW Profile, Color: White.
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Item # 736293
Mfr: Metalux
Replacement Lens, Length: 8', Vapor-Tite, For VT3 Series.
12" Stem Hanger, 5/8" O.D. Stem, Swivel: 30° from vertical in any direction.
Wire Guard, Length: 4', For C & UNS/UND Series, Color: White.
Item # 697424
Mfr: TCP
Cable Hanging Kit, Includes: (2) 15' Aircraft Cable with Crimped Loop & Grip Fastener.
Item # 791597
Mfr: Simkar
Replacement Lens, 4 Lamp, For Simkar T8 High Bay.
Item # 252221
Mfr: Metalux
Replacement Lens, Length: 4', Vapor-Tite, For VT2 Series.
Wire Guard, External, 6 Lamp, For IBZ 19" Wide Fixture.
Thermal Protector, 4 Leads: Black, White, Blue, Red. 120/277/347v rated.
Reflector, Length: 46", 4% Uplight, For Z Series Strip Fixtures, Color: White.
Item # 201083
Mfr: Metalux
Wire Guard, Length: 4', For SN Series, Color: White.
Replacement Lens, Size/Dims: 1x4', Diffuser, For Lite Puff Fixture, Material: Acrylic, Color: White.
Wire Guard, Length: 4', For Z254T5HO & Z154T5HO Fixtures, Color: White. ( Cannot use with reflector part# Z5SMR46. Must order Part# WGZ5SMR46 if installing Reflector / Wire...
Item # 791601
Mfr: Simkar
Wire Guard, Heavy Duty, 4 Lamp, For Reflect-A-Bay Fixtures.
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