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Item # 781072
Mfg: NuHeat
Programmable Thermostat, 120/240V, 16A, 7 Day Settings.
Item # 086634
Programmable for 5/2 or 7 day schedules, 120/240V, 15A, GFCI Protected; 18 month manufacturer warranty.
Item # 881408
Programmable Thermostat, 240V, 16A, GFCI Protected.
Item # 781068
Mfg: NuHeat
Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat, 120/240V.
Item # 095991
Mfg: Raychem
Fixed Set-Point Freeze-Protection Thermostat, 22A, 1PST.
Item # 881407
Programmable Thermostat, 120V, 16A, GFCI Protected.
Item # 623463
Mfg: NuHeat
Electrical Fault Indicator for NuHeat Mat or Cable Installation.
Item # 418637
Orange Cable Kit, 120V, 5.1A, Coverage: 43-54 ft².
Item # 877532
Mfg: NuHeat
Programmable Thermostat, Harmony, 120/240V, 7 Day Settings, Flush Mounted, 2-Gang. **Wall plate shown not included**
Item # 417909
Green Cable Kit, 120V, 2.2A, Coverage: 19-26 ft².
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