POWERFOAM™ Expanding Polyurethane Foam, 12oz

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POWERFOAM™ Expanding Polyurethane Foam, 12oz Can


POWERFOAM™ Expanding Polyurethane Foam, 12oz Can
PowerFoam is a single component, moisture curing expanding polyurethane foam. The adhesive strength of PowerFoam allows it to be set on various types of building elements including concrete, brick, wood, metal, aluminum and steel. When installing the foam, consideration should be given to the 2-3 times expansion of the foam after it leaves the plastic tube. The surface of the foam initially dries within 1- 5 hours and becomes fully cured in 12-15 hours. The foam works best at room temperature. It is dispensed through a straw-like plastic tube that is packaged with the can. The structure of the hardened foam provides excellent insulation against heat and noise. The foam has a R-5 equivalent value when used in place of traditional installation methods.
Also known as: 075352859095, 08130N-PWR, DEW08130NPWR


Size: 12 oz
Size: 12 oz

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