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SIMPush 1/2" Liquidtight 90 Connector

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Cat #: LT90050WT
UPC: 032886714788
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SIMPush Metallic Liquidtight 90 Connector, Size: 1/2"


SIMPush Metallic Liquidtight 90 Connector, Size: 1/2"
Southwire® the name you trust, now offers a new innovative way to install conduit fittings. Quickly install fittings with Southwire's® SIMPush™ Liquid tight fittings. They are protected from both water and concrete and are ideal for rugged worksites where direct burial is required. All SIMPush™ fittings come in a variety of styles and sizes and are easily removable and reusable. you simply slide the removal tool (sold separately) onto the collar of the fitting and pull. You won't need any other fitting after using Southwire's® SIMPush™ push to install Liquid Tight conduit fittings.
Also known as: 032886714788, LT90050WT, SWCLT90050WT


Diameter: 1/2 in
Diameter: 1/2 in

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