15A, 125V, 277 Series, Fast-Acting Fuse

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15 Amp, 125V, 277 Series, Military Fuses, Fast-Acting Fuse


15 Amp, 125V, 277 Series, Military Fuses, Fast-Acting Fuse
“R” rated fuses provide required short-circuit protection for medium voltage motors, motor controllers and associated circuitry. These components have limited ability to absorb the energy of large short circuit currents. Medium voltage motor controllers contain overload relays which provide both overload protection and locked rotor protection to the motor. The controllers are also intended to interrupt low value short circuits within the capability of the motor controller. This protects the medium voltage fuse from sustained overcurrents which are less than their minimum interrupting rating. NEMA Standards for “R” rated medium voltage power fuses require that they operate within 15-35 seconds when subjected to an rms current 100 times the “R” rating. For example, a fuse with a 2R rating will open within 15 to 35 seconds on an applied current of 2 x 100 = 200 amperes. Live parts are available for mounting “E”, “R”, and “PT” single, double, and triple barrel fuses. Mounting clips are available for ferrule type and clip lock style fuses. All clips are sold in pairs. Contact factory for additional live parts.
Also known as: 277015, LFU277015


Type: PC Board Fuses
Type: PC Board Fuses

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