DIGI-Timer Interval DC

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Time Delay & Timing Relays DIGI-Timer Interval DC


Time Delay & Timing Relays DIGI-Timer Interval DC
The TSD6 Series offers total solid-state, interval timing for 12 or 24VDC applications. This series provides either negative or positive switching. The TSD6 Series is designed for more demanding commercial and industrial applications where small size and accurate performance is required. The factory calibration for fixed time delays is within 1% of the target time delay. The repeat accuracy, under stable conditions, is 0.1% of the time delay. The TSD6 Series is rated to operate over an extended temperature range. Time delays of 0.1 seconds to 100 hours are available. The output is rated 1A steady and 10A inrush. The modules are totally solid state and encapsulated to protect the electronic circuitry.
Also known as: 07945802325, TSD6320P, LFUTSD6320P


Type: DIN Rail Mount
Type: DIN Rail Mount

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