600V ACS Cable Limiter 2/0AWG Copper

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Cat #: LFCL02/0ZC3
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600V ACS Cable Limiter 2/0AWG Copper


600V ACS Cable Limiter 2/0AWG Copper
Cable limiters are fusible devices that provide very fast short-circuit protection, primarily to faulted cables, but also to other conductors such as busway. Cable limiters do not have an ampere rating, and cannot be used to provide overload protection. Cable limiters are selected by cable size; for example, a 500 kcmil cable requires a 500 kcmil cable limiter. Their main use is to isolate faulted cables in circuits containing three or more parallel conductors per phase. They may be installed on the line side of the main service to provide short-circuit protection to the service conductors. This is especially important when service conductors are tapped from large low-voltage networks or from large low impedance transformers. Cable limiters have terminals which permit them to be installed in a variety of equipment. The most common configuration is the offset blade on one end and the crimp terminal on the other end. This permits the limiter to replace a cable terminal (lug). Applications: Service entrance conductors; Between transformers or network bus and busway terminal boxes; Large feeders with three or more conductors per phase. Features: Current-limiting characteristics provide protection to conductor insulation and reduce damage when faults occur; Properly applied cable limiters may permit the use of equipment with reduced withstand ratings; Wide variety of terminations and cable ratings permit use in almost every situation.
Also known as: 07945802403, LFCL02/0ZC3, LFULFCL020ZC3


Type: Fuse, Electronic, Time Delay
Type: Fuse, Electronic, Time Delay

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