24VAC, Earth-Leakage Monitor

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24VAC, Earth-Leakage Monitor


24VAC, Earth-Leakage Monitor
Operates on AC solidly grounded and AC resistance grounded systems. The SE-703 is a microprocessor-based ground-fault relay for resistance and solidly-earthed systems. It offers sensitive ground-fault detection as low as 25 mA and can be used on systems with significant harmonic content. The SE-703 provides feeder-level protection or individual-load protection. The output contacts can be connected for use in protective tripping circuits or in alarm indication circuits. The analog output can be used with a PLC or a meter. The SE-703 is specifically designed to be Australian AS/NZS 2081 compliant.
Also known as: 07945819869, SE-703-03-00, LFUSE7030300


Type: Overload Relays, Electronic Type
Type: Overload Relays, Electronic Type

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