Indust Relays 1kV (Cont. duty)

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Industrial Relays 1kV (Cont. duty) Sensing resistor


Industrial Relays 1kV (Cont. duty) Sensing resistor
The EL731 is a microprocessor-based AC/DC Sensitive Earth-Leakage Relay that offers complete coverage for all frequencies from 0-6,000 Hz. Two CT’s are required for the entire frequency range, or one CT can be used for only low-or high-frequency detection. An RTD/PTC sensor input allows over-temperature protection. The EL731 offers metering capabilities, password-protected alarm and trip settings and optional network communications. It is used to add low-level ground-fault protection to variable-speed drives, and to dc currents. COMPUTER TO RELAY CONNECTION: Connect the EL731 to the network using a standard Ethernet patch cable. Use of a crossover cable to connect the EL731 directly to the computer running IP-Config is not recommended. A typical router will assign an IP address to all connected computers that are using DHCP. The EL731 does not support the use of DHCP. If the EL731 is being set-up for first time, it is recommended to only have one EL731 connected to the network to prevent communication errors.
Also known as: 07945879644, EL731-01-10, LFUEL7310110


Type: Overload Relays, Electronic Type
Type: Overload Relays, Electronic Type

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