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Environmental Test Equipment NGR MON HV LVPS Devicenet


Environmental Test Equipment NGR MON HV LVPS Devicenet
The SE-330 is an advanced ground-fault and neutral-grounding-resistor monitoring relay. It measures neutral current, neutral-to-ground voltage, and neutral-to-ground resistance. It provides continuous monitoring of the neutral-to-ground path to verify that the neutral-grounding resistor (NGR) is intact. This is of utmost importance—an open NGR renders current-sensing ground-fault protection inoperative and could result in a false belief that the system is functioning properly. The SE-330 can be used with low- and medium-voltage transformers and generators with low- or high-resistance grounding used in processing, manufacturing, chemical, pulp and paper, petroleum, and water-treatment facilities. For high-voltage applications, use the SE-330HV. For applications that require conformance to Australian standard AS/NZS 2081.3:2002, see the SE-330AU. The SE-330 New Revision provides these additional features: 100 trip records with date and time stamp; A mini-USB interface to view measured values, configure settings and check event records using SE-MON330 v3.2 or later; An on-board microSD card (included) can be used for long term data logging and firmware upgrades; Ground-fault trip level is adjustable from 2 to 100% in 10 discrete settings, and in 1% increments when using the MEM setting and SE-MON330 v3.2 or later; Dual Ethernet ports are optionally available with support for fiber and RJ45 interfaces; IEC 61850 protocol is optionally available.
Also known as: 079458988888, SE-330HV-21-01, LFUSE330HV2101


Type: Multimeter
Type: Multimeter

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