Load Sensor/24V/5-25A /UCOCA

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Industrial Relays Load Sensor/24V/5-25A /UCOCA


Industrial Relays Load Sensor/24V/5-25A /UCOCA
The LSRU is a microcontroller-based family of load sensors. The LSRU family of products employ three basic types of control logic: motor control logic, alarm logic and feed control logic. Motor Control Logic: Several combinations of functions are available in the LSRU, including overcurrent and undercurrent or either overcurrent or undercurrent with variable trip, restart or extended restart delay settings. These various versions of the LSRU trip on the respective fault and then automatically reset after the restart delay expires, in preparation for the next motor start. LSRUs do not trip on undercurrent when the load turns off, this is recognized as a normal condition. Alarm Logic: The LSRU-AL simply indicates whether the current is between the setpoints or outside of the setpoints. This product is best used with a PLC or other controller where status indication is desired. Feed Control: The LSRU-FC is a load monitor intended to control feeder mechanisms in a variety of applications. It stops the feeder when the grinder, chipper, saw, auger, etc. nears overload. When the load is reduced to a preset level, the feeder is restarted.
Also known as: 07945899669, LSRU-024-AL-2, LFULSRU024AL2


Type: Overload Relays, Electronic Type
Type: Overload Relays, Electronic Type

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