Monitor For Up To 10 DE

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Cat #: RM1000 NEMA 4
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Controllers Remote Monitor For Up To 10 DE


Controllers Remote Monitor For Up To 10 DE
The RM1000 is a motor-monitoring device to be used in conjunction with the 777 family of products (excluding the P1 Series), 77C family of products and the 601 voltage monitors, via Modbus protocol with a communications module. The RM1000/777 motor management system combines unsurpassed electronic motor protection and critical, user-friendly, motor monitoring. The RM1000 can monitor up to 16 relays through an RS-485 network using Modbus RTU protocol. A second communication port allows monitoring and control of up to 99 relays from a computer, PLC, DCS or SCADA system and can be accessed from the host computer or PLC with the RM-1000 acting as a repeater for any of its motor protectors. In addition to the monitoring functions, the RM-1000 can be used to reset a tripped relay.
Also known as: 07945899820, RM1000 NEMA 4, LFURM1000NEMA4


Type: Remote Diagnostic Monitors
Type: Remote Diagnostic Monitors

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