Controllers RM2000 WEST VACO

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Controllers RM2000 WEST VACO


Controllers RM2000 WEST VACO
The RM2000 is a motor-monitoring device to be used in conjunction with the 777 family of products (excluding the P1 Series), 77C family of products and the Model 601 voltage monitors, via Modbus protocol with a communications module. The RM-2000/777 motor management system combines unsurpassed electronic motor protection and critical, user-friendly, motor monitoring. The RM2000 has membrane keypad controls which allow both monitoring and control of a 777 relay through an RS-485 network using Modbus RTU protocol. A second communication port allows monitoring and control of up to 99 RM-2000 devices from a PLC, DCS, or SCADA system or a PC with Solutions software installed. The RM2000 will act as a repeater for its motor protector when accessed from the host computer or PLC. In addition to the monitoring functions, the RM2000 can be used to reset a tripped relay. The RM2000 is easily mounted remotely and improves safety for service and operations personnel by allowing them to control and monitor the device without opening the electrical cabinet. Using the RM2000 is a simple, cost-effective method for aiding compliance with arc flash safety regulations. The enclosure and keypad assembly is water and ultraviolet light resistant.
Also known as: 07945899827, RM2000-RTDW, LFURM2000RTDW


Type: Remote Diagnostic Monitors
Type: Remote Diagnostic Monitors

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