Overfloor Raceway 2-Gang Box, OFR Series, Multiple Service, Black

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Cat #: OFR48-2
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Steel, 2-Gang, Device Box, OFR Series, Color: Black.
Plugmold® Multioutlet Systems add or extend power. Steel or aluminum Plugmold systems provide versatility for many applications. Plugmold sections feature single or alternating circuits, standard or isolated ground receptacles, and Snapicoil® harnesses of prewired receptacles or cord ended units. Available in multiple colors and stainless steel. The safe choice for adding power and convenience New Plugmold 2000TR Series Tamper-Resistant Raceway offersindustry-leading levels of both safety and convenience. Designed to meet 2008 NEC requirement 406.11 for tamper-resistant receptacles in dwelling units, a patented, internal receptacle shutter system provides a clean and solid fit for standard three-pronged plugs and prevents the insertion of unwanted objects. 2000® Series 2000 Series is available as a Steel Raceway or a Plugmold Multioutlet assembly. The 2000 Series provides superior strength for any dry location installation. And with a tapered profile design, lightweight snap-on cover and a full range of fittings, this raceway is a stylish and efficient way to bring power or communications to almost anywhere. Aluminum Plugmold offers an attractive choice for hospital and commercial labs. The finish features high-tech aesthetics and corrosion resistance.
Also known as: 786776175165, OFR48-2, WMDOFR482, dog house


Color: Black
Material: Steel
Color: Black
Material: Steel

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