14/4 Soow-vutr Sup Yel 250' Cl

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Cat #: 02639.85.05
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Fib 02639.85.05 14/4 Soow-vut


Fib 02639.85.05 14/4 Soow-vut
Thermoset rubber cord products have evolved over the last 50 years from simple and unsophisticated to a product line where specialized, technologically advanced products are in demand for exacting commercial and industrial applications. No longer are rubber cord products used only in applications where flexibility is needed; today typical applications require cord to perform well in environments of extreme heat and cold and on job sites and factory floors where resistance to oil, chemicals and abrasion is mandatory. General Cable’s role, as the producer of the premiere Carol® Brand rubber cord products, is to ensure that new product development, product innovation and quality not only keep pace with industry requirements but also set the trends. Our rubber cord products
Also known as: 079407203604, 02639.85.05, CRL02639.85.05


Conductors: 4
Color: Yellow
Conductors: 4
Color: Yellow

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