Bit,impact Auger 13/16"x24" (pop)

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Cat #: 70PT-13/16
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Bit,impact Auger 13/16"x24" (pop)


Bit,impact Auger 13/16"x24" (pop)
Patented cutting edge for fast easy drilling of clean holes, especially in salt treated utility poles Made from hardened alloy steel for added toughness The self-feeding threaded screw point draws the bit completely through the wood - no need to push the bit while drilling Over center flute for evacuating chips Shaft is straightened for fewer vibrations to the hand and to help control the quality of the hole Cutting edge can be re-sharpened multiple times and continues to self feed 7/16 IN Hex Shank with easy to fit quick change groove for Impact Drivers
Also known as: 783310110989, 70PT-13/16, GRE70PT1316


Material: Steel
Material: Steel

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