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Concept Swing-Out Panels, fits 20.00x20.00, White, Steel


Concept Swing-Out Panels, fits 20.00x20.00, White, Steel
Panels swing clear from the front of the enclosure to provide access to mounted internal equipment. For CSPB panels, maximum swing is 94 degrees. For CSP panels, maximum panel swing is 106 degrees. Distance from panel surface to door when in the latched position is 1.71 in. (43 mm) for solid doors and 1.45 in. (37 mm) for window doors. Kits include panel, brackets and hardware to mount to the front flange. Panel is painted white. Swing-out panels also can be mounted on front-to-back adjustable rails. CSPB panels require adapter CSPBADB and front-to-back adjustable rails for front-to-back adjustment.
Also known as: 783510164942, CSPB2020, HOFCSPB2020


Color: White
Material: Steel
Color: White
Material: Steel

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