3/8" Flat Washers Solid Brass

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Dottie Fwbr38 3/8" Flat Washe


Dottie Fwbr38 3/8" Flat Washe
Solid Brass Flat Washers are used to increase the surface area of fasteners in order to more evenly distribute the force applied when fasteners are tightened to a surface. They are also used to prevent loosening due to vibration, to stop the bolt or screw from pulling through, and act as spacers. Brass Flat Washer are manufactured from solid brass to protect against tarnishing and corrosion and are a commonly used washer in the plumbing, heating & air, and electrical trades.
Also known as: 781002311355, FWBR38, DOTFWBR38


Material: Brass
Material: Brass

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