1/2 Wdgnut Sht Al Form 7 Cvr/gask

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Cat #: 170G SA
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1/2 Wdgnut Sht Alum Form 7 Cov W/ Gskt


1/2 Wdgnut Sht Alum Form 7 Cov W/ Gskt
Crouse-Hinds conduit outlet bodies approach conduit in size for neat, compact installations.  Many shapes and sizes are available for rigid threaded conduit.  Our family features an exclusive snap tight and wedge nut cover attachment for an unobstructed cover opening, and an integrally gasketed cover saves customers inventory and labor costs.  Many form types are available as components or pre-packaged in various configurations.
Also known as: 782274247892, 170G SA, CRO170GSA


Family / Style: Form 7
Family / Style: Form 7

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