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Multi Sensor Control Main Unit

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Cat #: MSC-1
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Easyheat Msc-1 Control Panel


Easyheat Msc-1 Control Panel
The MSG‑1 detects moisture on roofs and in gutters. Roof moisture detection is made with the unique sensor wire design, gutter moisture detection is made by the sensing grid on the bottom on the MSG‑1 housing. The MSG housing sits directly in the gutter and the sensor wire is secured to the roof. The combination roof and gutter detection system provides quick detection of potentially damaging roof and gutter icing conditions. As soon as moisture is detected, the MSG-1 sends a signal to the MSC-1 to energize de-icing cables. The sensor operates on low voltage provided by the MSC‑1 control unit and includes 10' of wire forconnection back to the MSC‑1 as well as mountinghardware. The MSG‑1 connection wire may beextended up to 500’ with an appropriately rated18-20AWG 3 wire unshielded stranded cable.
Also known as: 013627015005, MSC-1, EASMSC1


Type: Control Panel
Type: Control Panel

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