Plugmold Outlet Strip, Steel, Black, 6 Outlets, 6" Centers, 3' Long

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Cat #: BK20GB306
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Steel, Prewired Plugmold, Length: 3 ft. Color: Black. Outlets (6") O/C: Total Outlets: (6) 15A, 125V: Single Circuit, Single Outlets.
Wiremold Prewired Raceway. Get off the job in 1/3 the time. No raceway gives you a competitive edge as effectively as Wiremold Prewired Raceway. Every prewired product installs 66% faster, allows tighter control of the project and gives you a competitive edge at bid stage. So you get in, get out and get on to the next job in one-third the time. Available in steel and aluminum. Aluminum Raceway Aluminum Raceways are sleek, clean and attractive. Whether you choose small or large, single- or multichannel, these raceways distribute power, communication and A/V wiring. The satin anodized finish has an aesthetically pleasing appearance that resists rust, corrosion and fading, making it ideal for laboratories, healthcare facilities and more. Plus, the high-tech appearance makes this raceway an attractive choice for contemporary spaces too. Prewired Cord Ended Cord-ended Commercial Outlet Centers are optimal for mounting to semipermanent structures such as shelving and rack displays found in many lab applications. Prewired Connectors Prewired Connectors offer the fastest, most reliable connectivity solution for prewired raceway system installations. Testing has shown that when using new Prewired Connectors, installers can get off the job up to 18 times faster than when using conventional methods. Great for large, repetitive, prewired installations, such as classrooms, offices, hotels and healthcare facilities.
Also known as: 786776074499, BK20GB306, WMDBK20GB306


Length: 3 ft
Color: Black
Material: Steel
Length: 3 ft
Material: Steel
Color: Black

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