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IT Soft Starter Accessory, Terminal kit, #16-50 kcmil, 2 cable connections, Frame T,U


IT Soft Starter Accessory, Terminal kit, #16-50 kcmil, 2 cable connections, Frame T,U
Advanced intelligence. Compact footprint. The S811+/S801+?line of?intelligent?technologies?soft?starters is designed to be the smallest, most compact soft starter in the market today. With this small size, it can easily fit in place of existing soft starter designs, wye-delta starters or across-the-line NEMA and IEC starters. This feature allows easy retrofits of existing motor control centers or enclosures and saves the expense of replacing existing structures or adding a new one to house a soft starter. The product is designed to work with 3-phase motors in a Delta (3-lead) configuration. The S811/S811+ works with all motors from fractional horsepower up to motors requiring 1000 amps of steady state current. The built-in over-load (in ranges from 12 - 1000 amps) and run bypass contactor make installation and setup quick and easy. The overload also offers some advanced protective functions to give additional motor protection. With the pump control option, it is the number one soft starter available for pumping applications. The unique soft stopping control provides a smooth transition for stopping a motor and eliminating the "water-hammer" effect that can damage pipes, valves and pumps.
Also known as: 782116056187, EML22, CUTEML22


Type: Lug Kit, Terminal Kit
Type: Lug Kit, Terminal Kit

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