AL5200 Series Raceway Base

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Cat #: AL5200B-5
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Aluminum, Base, AL5200 Series. Size: 5' Length, 2" Height, 5" Width. Satin Anodized Finish. Package Quantity: 8.
AL5200 Series ™ Aluminum Raceway is sleek, clean and attractive. Integrated into casework or lab furniture, or installed as baseboard, these raceways can be used to distribute communication and power wiring while maintaining aesthetics. The satin anodized finish is designed for both good looks and easy service. The “hi-tech” appearance makes this raceway an attractive choice for contemporary spaces. This aluminum raceway system also compliments the decor of commercial offices, laboratories, and healthcare facilities.
Also known as: 786776189605, AL5200B-5, WMDAL5200B5


Height: 2 in
Length: 5 ft
Material: Aluminum
Height: 2 in
Material: Aluminum
Length: 5 ft

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