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Telephone Paging Amplifier, 120V AC, 100 Watt, Color: Black, Wall Mount.


Telephone Paging Amplifier, 120V AC, 100 Watt, Color: Black, Wall Mount.
This document describes the Bogen TPU35B, TPU60B, TPU100B (See Fig.1) and TPU250 (see Fig.1A) Telephone Paging Amplifiers. They are full-featured, wall-mounted amplifiers that provide inputs for dry-loop, 600-ohm telephone page signal, background music source, and low impedance microphone. Automatic music mute is provided when making a telephone page. Background music mute level during a page is adjustable and the music slowly fades back in after the page is completed. N.O. contact closure music mute control input is provided for use with push-to-talk microphones. An Automatic Level Control system limits the output level of the telephone page channel so that differences in the volume of the paging party's voice will be less noticeable. Bass and treble controls are provided for adjusting the quality of the output signal. An Audio Enhancement feature is also provided. This improves the clarity of the output signal by replacing the higher frequency harmonics that are normally lost through the telephone system. The TPU amplifiers include a built-in night ringer that can be triggered by either a standard telephone (analog) ring signal or an external contact closure. The night ringer mutes the background music, but does not affect pages.
Also known as: 765368200737, TPU100B, BOGTPU100B


Mounting: Surface
Color: Black
Mounting: Surface
Color: Black

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