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MIL 48-52-5067 3.5 IN KNOT CP


MIL 48-52-5067 3.5 IN KNOT CP
Milwaukee Hyperwire™ wire brush products offer faster material removal and greater life yet maintain a finer finish. Milwaukee offers the finest quality knot wire cup brushes to give you long service on the toughest cleaning jobs. These cup brushes are ideally suited for cleaning castings, structural steel and sheet metal. Milwaukee offers a full range of knotted and crimped cup brushes as well as a full line of stringer bead and full cable twist wire wheels. This knot wire cup brush is designed to be used on 4-1/2 in. or 5 in. Milwaukee and competitive grinders with 5/8 - 11 threaded spindles. Made of carbon steel.
Also known as: 045242145423, 48-52-5067, MIL48525067


Diameter: 6 in
Diameter: 6 in

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