1" ENT 45° Angled Form Stubby, Black

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1" ENT 45° Angled Stubby, Black, KWIKON


1" ENT 45° Angled Stubby, Black, KWIKON
At Kraloy we are committed to providing the highest qaulity products, technical support, and outstanding service. Our products are used in a variety of industries typical industrial, commercial and residential applications for Kraloy PVC conduit fittings include,residential single & multi family dwellings, food processing plants, fish processing plants, agricultural, bridges and tunnels, airports, car washes, marinas, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, pulp and paper, street and highway lighting, utilities, communications, and cable.
Also known as: 622454019560, 089235, KRAKASTB20


Diameter: 1 in
Color: Black
Diameter: 1 in
Color: Black

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