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24mm diameter base with 110mm long tube.


24mm diameter base with 110mm long tube.
The comprehensive ABB program The ABB Pilot Devices are part of the comprehensive ABB program of high quality Low Voltage Products and Systems for buildings, industries and OEMs. Much of this is sold through external channel partners such as distributors, system integrators and panel builders. Our products meet all essential national and international standards. ABB offers a modern range of control products such as contactors, soft starters, DOL & Y/D starters and a wider range of electronic relays, switches and sensors. ABB Pilot Devices ABB offers a complete range of 22 mm Pushbuttons, Emergency Stops, Selector Switches and Signalling units. These are complemented with enclosures and a wide range of accessories. The main advantages are the robustness and the fast and easy installation ensuring cost efficiency for our customers. The ABB Pilot Devices are suitable for all types of industrial environments, indoor as well as outdoor. Other sectors of common usage include trucks, buses, trains and official buildings. Made for tough industrial environments Can be used in many different applications by OEMs, panel builders, contractors, etc. For industrial machines and equipment, control panels and control stations For emergency circuits, alarm and signal equipment, traction equipment, hoists and lifts, door openers, etc. The important link Pushbuttons and pilot lights – the world’s simplest devices. They are used to make and break a circuit, pass on a message or control an operation: in short, to be a link between man and machine. A pushbutton has to be sturdy and reliable, suitable for all environments and adaptable to widely differing requirements. Further, it should be easy to fit or set up. You will find all these features in ABB’s Pilot Devices.
Also known as: 662019725123, KA70-1011, ABBKA701011


Type: Tube
Type: Tube

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