6" IC Housing, Air-Tite

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6 Inch IC Air-Tite Remodel Housing 120V Line Voltage


6 Inch IC Air-Tite Remodel Housing 120V Line Voltage
The H7 recessed housing is the standard in the industry for both light commercial and residential applications. H7 series features full-frame design, robust construction, feed-through listing, Got Nail! bar hangers; and may support use of higher wattage lamps. A wide variety of trims allows a number of different lighting effects to be created with one basic housing. H7ICTNB is for installations where the housing will be in direct contact with insulation*. May be retrofit with compatible Halo LED lighting systems. The H7ICTNB can save installation time. It is designed without a socket plate for use with socket supporting trims only. With these trims there is no need to spend time removing the socket plate and the fixed lamp position of socket supporting trims saves on lamp adjustment time too. H7ICTNB may be converted into Air-Tite installation when used with Air-Tite trims.
Also known as: 662400610588, H7RICAT, HALH7RICAT, Smurf tube, 6" rcan, retrofit can , 6in. retro csn, Hi hat, Incandescent light


Type: IC, Housing
Volts AC: 120
Diameter: 6 in
Type: IC, Housing
Diameter: 6 in
Volts AC: 120

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Nic Valentine - Stumptown on 10/17/2012
Great Economical Housing
Great Can and has been very reliable. The tension springs could be a little better but they just take a little time in the beginning to master. The biggest PRO to this cans is that it is readily available w/ many trim options at a good price.