100-250V50/60Hz-Dc Contactor

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Cat #: AF40-40-00-13
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Af40-40-00-13 100-250V50/60Hz-Dc Contactor


Af40-40-00-13 100-250V50/60Hz-Dc Contactor
Af40 4-Pole Contactors Are Used For Controlling Power Circuits Up To 690 V Ac And 440 V Dc. They Are Mainly Used For Controlling Non-Inductive Or Slightly Inductive Loads (I.E. Resistance Furnaces...). Af... Contactors Include An Electronic Coil Interface Accepting A Wide Control Voltage Uc Min. ... Uc Max. Only Four Coils Cover Control Voltages Between 24...500 V 50/60 Hz Or 20...500 V Dc. Af Contactors Can Manage Large Control Voltage Variations. One Coil Can Be Used For Different Control Voltages Used Worldwide Without Any Coil Change. Af Contactors Have Built-In Surge Protection And Do Not Require Additional Surge Suppressors. The Af... Series 4-Pole Contactors Are Of The Block Type Design. - Main Poles And Auxiliary Contact Blocks: 4 N.O. Main Poles, Front And Side-Mounted Add-On Auxiliary Contact Blocks (Mechanically-Linked Auxiliary Contacts Compliant With Annex L Of Iec 60947-5-1. N.C. Mirror Contacts Compliant With Annex F Of Iec 60947-4-1) - Control Circuit: Ac Or Dc Operated - Accessories: A Wide Range Of Accessories Is Available.
Also known as: AF40-40-00-13, ABBAF40400013


Poles: 4
Poles: 4

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