Tamper resistant screws are designed to prevent vandalism and theft. Use proper bit or driver to remove (one way, hex pin, star pin or spanner). Choose from the type head style available: Button or Flat.

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DOTTIE T10321HB 10-32 X 1 Hex


DOTTIE T10321HB 10-32 X 1 Hex
Tamper Proof Screws are used in areas where prevention of public tampering or vandalism is important. They are distinguished by their unconventional drive styles, which are designed to minimize the possibility of removal. Tamper Proof Screws can be found in schools, public parks, correctional facilities, and many other locations where there is a high level of public activity. Special drivers are needed to install and remove these screws.
Also known as: 781002118053, T10321HB, DOTT10321HB


Size: # 10
Size: # 10

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