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ProLine G2 Grid Strap, 1-Row, 1100mm, Steel


ProLine G2 Grid Strap, 1-Row, 1100mm, Steel
ProLine G2 Grid Straps can be used to create a mounting or support network within the frame. The Grid Straps are furnished in pairs and available in three designs: full-height vertical, horizontal with mounting brackets, and single-piece horizontal with integrated tabs. Horizontal Grid Straps can be mounted front-to-back between frame verticals (depth-mounted), side-to-side between frame verticals or depth-mounted Grid Straps (width-mounted), or even vertically between Grid Straps. Vertical Grid Straps are used to span the full height of an enclosure.
Also known as: 783510318550, P2G1R11, HOFP2G1R11


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