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Junction Box R

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Junction Box R
SnapNrack off ers the largest set of mounting accessories to enhance the install process. SnapNrack Wire Management Solutions comprise a set of dedicated components to reliably and cost-eff ectively secure PV module and microinverter leads. All components are made of materials which have been selected for their ability to handle high UV exposure and extreme rooftop temperatures common under solar arrays. The UL-listed Junction Box R for rail and Junction Box XL for rail provide a quick and easy method for concealing and protecting electrical connections with a NEMA 4X rating and integrated DIN rail mounts inside. The Universal Wire Clamp off ers a strong and reliable solution for securing up to four PV conductor cables or up to two microinverter Q cables along SnapNrack rail channels, transitioning in and out of channels, and even routing across rails. Snap-In Wire Retention Clips allow you to quickly secure PV conductors, Q Cables, and AC trunk lines in the rail channels. With materials selected to handle high UV exposure and extreme rooftop temperatures these solutions provide wire management that will last the life of the system after a quick and cost-eff ective installation.
Also known as: 242-01104, SRK24201104


Color: Black
Color: Black

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