Interval Wall Timer, 24 Hour Max, 3-Way, 24V AC/DC, White

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Cat #: SS410
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Interval Wall Timer, 24 Hour Maximum, 3-Way, 24 Volt AC/DC, SPDT, White


Interval Wall Timer, 24 Hour Maximum, 3-Way, 24 Volt AC/DC, SPDT, White
Tork Digital Interval Timer 3-Way APPLICATIONS: Offices, Meeting Rooms, Energy Code Timed Override, Exhaust Fans, Equipment Rooms, Closets, Storage Spaces. Multiple circuits with power packs- low voltage for class 2 wiring. FEATURES: COLOR: White (single gang decorator wall plate included) ENERGY CODE PRESET: 2 hour timing for Title 24 and IECC (default) 4 hour timing for ASHRAE 90.1 (with quick dip switch adjustment) PROGRAMMABLE: 5 minutes to 25 hour: 5 minute steps from 5 minutes to 1 hour 10 minute steps from 1 to 4 hours 30 minute steps from 4 to 12 hours 1 hour steps from 12 to 24 hours SCROLL LOCK: Limits user adjustment to a maximum equal to the preset time. FLASH WARNING: Optional one second flicker turns load OFF/ON 2 minutes end of time cycle BEEPER WARNING: Optional beep with sound every 15 seconds during last 2 minutes of the time cycle TAMPER RESISTANT: Wall plate locks access to dip switch adjustments THREE-WAY & MULTI-WAY: Three-way compatible with existing switch. Multi-way requires momentary switches at the additional locations. Maximum distance 100 feet DISPLAY: Backlit LCD Display WIRING: No neutral required. CONTACT RATINGS: VOLTAGE: 24VDC or 24VAC 50/60 Hz RATING: 1A Max MINIMUM LOAD: 1 ma @ 5V WIRE SIZE: #18 AWG OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 32 degrees F to + 104 degrees F (0 degrees C to + 40 degrees C)
Also known as: 786261140333, SS410, TRKSS410


Phase: 1
Poles: 1
Phase: 1
Poles: 1

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