Deadbreak Aluminum Junction

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600A, 15/25kV, Deadbreak Aluminum Junction 4-Way With U-Straps.


600A, 15/25kV, Deadbreak Aluminum Junction 4-Way With U-Straps.
Eaton's Cooper Power™ series 600 A, 15/25 kV Class deadbreak junction provides two, three or four deadbreak interfaces bused together and encapsulated in a precision-molded, peroxidecured EPDM insulated rubber body with a EPDM peroxide-cured semi-conductive outer shield. Deadbreak junctions are used in pad-mounted apparatus, underground vaults, and other installations to establish loops, taps and splices, and facilitate apparatus change-outs. Sectionalizing a cable run to find and isolate a cable fault is made easy when a deadbreak junction is used with deadbreak connectors meeting the requirements of IEEE Std 386™- 2006 standard–“Separable Insulated Connector Systems”. When mated with a comparably rated product, the junction provides a fully shielded, submersible threaded connection for deadbreak operation. The deadbreak junction is available with stainless steel adjustable brackets for mounting at various operating angles, or with stainless steel “U” straps for direct wall mounting.
Also known as: DJ625A4U, CPSDJ625A4U


Amps: 600
Amps: 600

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