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Cable Adapter, 600A, 15/25kV, 1.70 - 1.97" Insulation O.D.


Cable Adapter, 600A, 15/25kV, 1.70 - 1.97" Insulation O.D.
Eaton designs its Cooper Power series 600/900 A deadbreak connector systems to fill the demand for a deadfront underground installation in 600/900 A main and lateral feeders. They provide a completely shielded, deadfront, fully submersible cable connection for high-voltage apparatus – such as transformers, switchgear, large motors, etc., and can also be used to make splices, junctions, taps and deadends for main underground, distribution feeders. They provide the same high degree of operating flexibility and reliability as our 200 A products. All components fit together easily and assembly variations are available. These connector systems are designed for installation on various types of cables. The entire system can be applied to concentric neutral cable, and with our CS & SA Series Shield Adapter Kits to almost any other type of cable. All of our deadbreak connectors meet the electrical, mechanical and dimensional requirements of IEEE Std 386- 2006 standard and are designed to be fully interchangeable with those currently available from other major manufacturers.
Also known as: CA625JJ, CPSCA625JJ


Amps: 600
Amps: 600

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