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Cable Adaptor, 600A, 15/25kV, 1.09 - 1.47" Insulation O.D.


Cable Adaptor, 600A, 15/25kV, 1.09 - 1.47" Insulation O.D.
Eaton's Cooper Power™ series 600 A, 15/25 kV Class deadbreak separable splices are used to splice two, three, or four cables or to deadend a single cable. They are fully shielded, submersible and meet the requirements of IEEE Std 386™- 2006 standard – Separable Insulated Connector Systems. The splices are rated for 600 A or 900 A and are suitable for the repair or extension of underground feeders. Installed either direct buried or in a vault, 600 A separable splices can be used on all 15 and 25 kV Class power distribution systems. They are made of high quality peroxide cured EPDM rubber to provide excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical reliability. All have 5/8 inch-11 UNC 2A aluminum threads that meet IEEE Std 386™-2006 standard requirements for 600 A separable connections. Optional all copper components are also available. The capacitive test point on the insulating plug provides a means of testing the circuit without disturbing the bolted connection. In addition to the capacitive test point feature on the insulating plug, Eaton offers an optional Cooper Power series capacitive test point similar to the test points on its Cooper Power series 200 A elbow connectors. This allows the use of the test point faulted circuit indicators and provides a clampstick operable means of determining the circuit condition when used with a high impedance voltage sensing device designed for test points. Separable splices and deadends are designed for use on solid dielectric cable (XLPE or EPR) with extruded semiconductive shields and concentric neutral, with or without a jacket. Installation on jacketed concentric neutral cable may require additional sealing material. Cold shrinkable adapters are available for tape shield, linear corrugated and drain wire cable adaptation for use with separable splices.
Also known as: CA625EE, CPSCA625EE


Type: Cable Adapter
Amps: 600
Type: Cable Adapter
Amps: 600

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