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Coppertop Connector, 3 AWG (Concentric or Compressed), 2 AWG (Compact or Solid)


Coppertop Connector, 3 AWG (Concentric or Compressed), 2 AWG (Compact or Solid)
Eaton’s Cooper Power series loadbreak elbow connector is a fully-shielded and insulated plug-in termination for connecting underground cable to transformers, switching cabinets and junctions equipped with loadbreak bushings. The elbow connector and bushing insert comprise the essential components of all loadbreak connections. The loadbreak elbow connector is a fully rated 200 A switching device, designed in accordance to IEEE Std 386-2006 standard. Eaton’s loadbreak elbows are molded using high quality peroxide-cured insulating and semiconducting EPDM rubber. Standard features include a coppertop connector, tin-plated copper loadbreak probe with an ablative arc-follower tip and stainless steel reinforced pulling-eye. An optional capacitive test point, made of corrosion resistant plastic, is available for use with fault indicators (see Catalog Sections CA320002EN and CA320003EN). Cable ranges are designed to accept a wide range of cable conductor and insulation sizes with just three elbows and accommodate cable manufactured to either AEIC or ICEA standards. The coppertop compression connector is a standard item to transition from the cable to the loadbreak probe. An aluminum crimp barrel is inertia-welded to a copper lug. The aluminum barrel makes the connector easy to crimp and the copper lug ensures a reliable, tight, cool operating connection with the loadbreak probe. (Photo on left is shown with the integral jacket seal without test point. Photo on right is shown without jacket seal with test point.)
Also known as: CC2C03T, CPSCC2C03T


Material: Copper
Material: Copper

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