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600A, 28kV, 2 Ea Loadbreak/Deadbreak Junctions With "C" Connector In Inline SS Bracket. Cleer.


600A, 28kV, 2 Ea Loadbreak/Deadbreak Junctions With "C" Connector In Inline SS Bracket. Cleer.
Eaton's Cooper Power series Cleer loadbreak connector system is a 600 A loadbreak device rated for operation on 28 kV class systems. It is used to provide a visible break and visible ground on 600 A network and distribution systems without having to remove 600 A terminations and move heavy cable. The Cleer loadbreak connector system Is fully shielded, submersible and meets the applicable requirements of IEEE Std 386 -2006 standard – “Separable Insulated Connector Systems”. Many configurations are possible with this connector system. Under normal operating conditions, the current path is through one of the 600 A loadbreak/deadbreak 2-position junctions (DLJ628), through the 600 A loadbreak “C” (LCN) connector and through the second 600 A loadbreak/deadbreak junction. When isolating underground cable, with the system energized or de-energized, with or without rated load current, with the use of a clampstick, the LCN connector can be removed. A 600 A loadbreak protective cap (LPC628) can then be installed on the two exposed loadbreak interfaces. All bushings of the connector system are then insulated and deadfront. When a 600 A termination with a 200 A reducing tap plug is used on the IEEE Std 386 -2006 standard 600 A 15/25 kV deadbreak interfaces of the junction, a direct conductor test can be performed. A Cleer grounding elbow can then be installed on the 600 A loadbreak interfaces providing a visible ground. It is then safe to perform work on the underground cable.
Also known as: LCN2DLJ628A2ILB, CPSLCN2DLJ628A2ILB


Amps: 600
Amps: 600

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