Insulated Standoff Bushing

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Insulated Standoff Bushing, 200A, 35kV


Insulated Standoff Bushing, 200A, 35kV
Temporary or permanent parking of energized IEEE Std 386 standard loadbreak elbow connectors is simplified with use of the insulated standoff bushings. These are used to isolate and sectionalize energized cable in pad-mounted cabinets, underground vaults, and other apparatus. Dual colored (Tan and Purple) nosepiece designated application with both single-phase (21.1 kV) and (21.1/36.6 kV) rated 35 kV Class 200 A Large Interface Loadbreak Elbow Connectors. The insulated standoff bushings are designed to be installed in the parking stand mounted on a transformer or other apparatus.
Also known as: ISB235, CPSISB235


Amps: 200
Volts AC: 35000
Amps: 200
Volts AC: 35000

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