#6 Anchor Kit Wall Driller (Zinc) Includes Square Drive

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DOTTIE WDK6SQ #6 Anchor Kit W


DOTTIE WDK6SQ #6 Anchor Kit W
The WDK6SQ contains #6 Zinc Anchors and #6 Square Drive Sheet Metal Screws. The Wall Board Anchor is manufactured with a fine centered point that helps guide the anchor into the material. It features a unique sharp thread design that allows it to screw directly into drywall with no pre-drilling. It is also a reusable anchor that can be easily installed with a screwdriver or power driven screwdriver.
Also known as: 781002297901, WDK6SQ, DOTWDK6SQ


Size: # 6
Material: Zinc
Size: # 6
Material: Zinc

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