6" Housing IC Air-Tite

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6 Inch IC, Air-Tite, New Construction Housing, 120V


6 Inch IC, Air-Tite, New Construction Housing, 120V
The E7ICAT is a compact and efficient recessed housing optimized and listed for EISA compliant tungsten-halogen, CFL and LED lamps as well as incandescent. Housing is suitable for residential or light commercial applications. For installation in insulated ceilings* and non-insulated ceilings with airtight code compliant construction. Use with a variety of trims and finishes to create different lighting effects or to match any decor. May be retrofit with compatible HALO LED lighting systems
Also known as: 080083737727, E7ICAT, HALE7ICAT, recessed can


Type: IC
Volts AC: 120
Diameter: 6 in
Type: IC
Diameter: 6 in
Volts AC: 120

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James - Chicago, IL on 09/20/2016
Pros: The bar hanger assembly is rigid. Cons: On the side with the junction box the nail is less than 1 inch below the junction box. You can't pound this in like the H7. This took me more than 3 times longer to nail in place. The new gasket for the air tight is lower than the H7 and gets caught as you rotozip around the housing. The plaster frame does not have a lip, when you do rotozip it is easy to damage the housing. Most less expensive housings install easier or you can spend the extra money and buy an H7.