Gibson Stainless & Specialty

When Gibson Stainless & Specialty Inc. was founded in 1995, Type 316 SS electrical fittings were very hard to find. Zinc plated, galvanized, carbon steel, etc. were the norm in the industry because they were lower in price. Reinstallation of zinc plated, galvanized, and carbon steels, however, became very expensive and the demand began to increase for products that would withstand corrosive elements and harsh conditions, enabling the conduit system to last longer. Gibson Stainless started with a product line that consisted soley of products used as support fittings. The company had nine total products, which included only two product categories. As the demand grew, a few strut accessories and other various support accessories were added. As time passed, the conduit itself, conduit bodies, device boxes, hubs, etc. were added to offer a conduit system entirely in Type 316 SS.