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About Platt Electric
Providing valued services to our customers since 1953
In 1953, Isadore and Morrie Platt started the West's newest electrical supply company. As the first orders rolled in across their orange crate desks, products rolled out to customers in an old Ford truck. Today Platt serves customers throughout the west from a network of over 136 full-service stocking locations and distribution centers in Salt Lake City, Utah, Beaverton, Oregon, and Patterson, California. Platt is a value-added service company that supplies a broad range of high quality products and services to the utility, industrial, electrical, construction, solar, datacomm/security and commercial markets. Platt services are designed to save time and money using Technology, Training, Logistics and Information, ensuring that customers receive consistent quality of service with each and every transaction and/or process.
Electrical and so much more
Our energy to optimize performance and leverage savings extends far beyond traditional electrical applications. We've built renewable energy teams that are helping customers adopt the latest innovations in solar and wind technologies. Because we see the potential of every rooftop as a power plant and every breeze as a gateway to lower energy emissions. We've invested in datacom and telecom solutions that help organizations large and small operate more efficiently and effectively. Our communications prowess extends into electrical infrastructure, with automation and control solutions that can boost the competitiveness of US industry. Our customer-facing companies deliver supply chain solutions that help Original Equipment Manufacturers lower their inventory costs, streamline product design and maximize production efficiency. Platt Electric.– we've got everything you'd expect from an electrical distributor and more than you ever thought possible.
Quality Brands
Always Seeking Better Solutions
Platt Electric is the home to many of the leading energy, communications and supply-chain brands in the US. We are continuously seeking new opportunities to add complementary brands to our company and further strengthen our value to customers and shareowners.

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